About us

We set out to create something unique that will challenge the status quo of services business. Looking at the challenges the world is facing today and how everyone is striving to reach the top we have to aim for the peak. To reach that peak we have to work hard and smart hence we created Sierra Cloud – Our vision is to continually innovate whilst daring to be different to help our customers reach your peak.

Sierra /siˈer.ə/ Scale the mountain to reach the peak

Cloud /klaʊd/ The view from the peak of success

2+ Decades of local
IT experience

About the Founders

Having more than 20 years of local IT experience, the founders have setup multiple IT Consulting practices for large GSIs. With over 15 years in the Salesforce ecosystem, delivering both small and large scale digital projects, our consultants have taken great strides in helping our customers transform.

We have a broad array of customer experiences across multiple domains and industries including Telecom, Banking, Insurance and Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Higher Education and Government agencies.

We provide implementation services on Salesforce, Industry Clouds, MuleSoft platforms and other cloud technologies. We help to accelerate businesses, streamlining operations with effective use of their Salesforce and surrounding technology stack.

Our teams are dedicated to support our customers providing personalised approach, with a high focus on control and flexibility over their systems, all without the high cost of maintenance. Get in touch with us and let us help you unlock the true potential of your digital transformation and #ReachyourPeak.

Our team

Gaurav Pruthi
Founder | CEO

Visionary & Dynamic Leader with Proven track record of partnering with Clients and Partners to meet their strategic and day-to-day business objectives.

Apurv Naik
Chief Operating Officer

Seasoned professional and a true people person. He's dedicated to fostering synergies within across teams, partners, and our valued customers.

Operational Wizard who  “Makes it all happen!”, Driven, Go-getter, Enterprising

Passionate, Inspiring Archipreneur and an Einstein's genius (who takes the complex and makes it simple)

Australia Offices
Sydney & Melbourne
Jaipur, India Office
4th Floor, 413-415 , Signature Tower, Lal Kothi Tonk Road, Jaipur 302015
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